Great Night at the 28th Annual Homecoming!

We had a great time on September 28th with The Kelly’s and the Mark Trammell Quartet … It was awesome.  Duane Gurren did a fantabulous job working as our Master of Ceremonies for the evening.  It is always great to see all of you but especially those of you that we only get to see at this event annually. We’ll soon have some pictures up from the event so come back soon and see.

As Duane explained to the crowd that night, for the last 28 years we have always kept the Homecoming free of an admission price at the door and have only taken a love offering.  As the years pass and prices go up on everything that it takes, it has become harder and harder for us to afford to promote and put on this event.  This year we would like to offer a special thanks to all of you that helped us by providing us with the largest offering we have ever taken in!  That offering goes a long way toward paying for the event.  Thank you thank you!!!

Also, Keith Moore from the Douglas County Herald was very nice to us in the article below that ran the week after our Homecoming.  I called Keith and ask permission to put this on our website (I really did I promise!) and Keith was gracious enough to send a copy of the article that we could display.  Thanks again Keith!

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28th Annual Homecoming, September 28th

We invite you to our 28th Celebration!  Over the last year, we have had a great time singing throughout Missouri, Iowa and Oklahoma.  Even with the challenges of having to replace a motor in the Big Purple Bus we have been blessed to continue to travel and share the gospel. We’re constantly amazed at the opportunities that the Lord opens for us both in the venues we sing in but especially the relationships we continue to make and grow through the years.  It is uplifting to us every time we hear our friends share with us how the Lord is working in their lives.  Many times this proves to come to us when we need it most, HE is LORD! 

We are pleased to announce that again this year, Duane Garren will be our MC and we are excited again to have the Kellys as our first group of the evening.  Over the years, we have enjoyed watching these guys grow from kids to adults now raising their own kids.  Those of you that follow the Kellys know what that means, they are a great bunch and we are very pleased to have them start off the evening for us again.  They’ll start the evening at 6:30pm and then they’ll be followed by the Mark Trammell Quartet.  As many of you will remember we had the Mark Trammell Trio just a few short years ago before they added a bass singer.

This is the first time in 28 years that we have ever invited the same full time professional group back a second time to our homecoming.  Now we have had a LOT of GREAT groups through the years that we have appreciated and enjoyed ourselves.  There are a lot of great people in those groups but we are excited about having Mark back!  Not only is he a quality individual but he is also a Quartet Man who knows how to put together a group.  Remember, Mark has himself a great heritage in Southern Gospel Music.  He has sang with the Kingsmen, The Cathedrals, Gold City, Greater Vision and of course his own group.  The Mark Trammell Quartet is sure to deliver… don’t miss it!

As always, there is no admission charge to this event.  We will take up a love offering in an effort to try and cover our expenses for the Homecoming.  The reason we haven’t ever charged an admission to our Homecoming is that we don’t want anyone to not be able to come see and hear.  So, please come and share this evening with us, we want to see you!

As in years past, you will have the option of having your dinner with us at the event. The Youth from First Freewill Baptist Church will be cooking dinner for you.  Grilled hamburgers, hotdogs and much more will be available for you in the High Schools dining hall.  This is a great way to grab your evening meal and support the Youth activities of First Freewill Baptist in Hartville.

Even though Galen and Doren are starting to slow down a bit in their advancing years due to their memory starting to go, everyone else is going strong! (Teresa made the webmaster add that part, he didn’t want to, he doesn’t think it’s funny to make fun of Galen and Doren, REALLY it’s not funny that they are getting old) We hope that you will come share with us an evening of celebrating what Lord has allowed us to do for 28 years.  Praise HIM!  It is our prayer that he will continue to use us for many years to come.

WPFClick to open larger map

You can get directions from Google Maps by clicking on this map and choosing “Map” then click on Directions.

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KNEO 17th Annual Listener Appreciation Night

The Calvarymen had an awesome evening with Neosho Missouri’s KENO 91.7 FM at their annual Listener Appreciation night.  Since they first started broadcasting in 1986, the station has had continuous growth and they are obviously a shinning light in the 4 state area with all of the Christian programming they provide.

After their presentations, we shared their stage and sang to a capacity crowd and had a great time singing and celebrating the Lords continued use of this station and its action in delivering the gospel.

We were truly honored to have been a part of this great event!  KENO 91.7 FM does broadcast across the internet for more information click on this link and enjoy solid Christian Programming.

Congradulations KENO, and we pray for your continued witness in the 4 state area!  We are honored that you chose us to share this evening with you.

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Calvarymen at the Final Authority Homecoming

Well, we will be joining our longtime friends…. oh…what’s their names?  Final Authority for their Homecoming, Saturday March 9th.  We will sing along side them and also the Lesters from St. Louis, MO.  Duane Garren is serving as their M.C. for the evening and is sure to bring his own style to the event.

The Calvarymen have always enjoyed sharing the stage with the guys from Final Authority! We are excited and honored that they asked us to join them for this night of Celebration!

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What a great night!!!

We had a wonderful time this year with a great crowd and two fabulous groups!  The Kelly’s and Dixie Echoes.  If you were with us, thanks for coming.  If you were not, you MISSED OUT!!!

Click here to enjoy some pictures of our 2012 Homecoming.

Start planning now for next year!

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Don’t miss this years Homecoming!

We are ramping up and getting ready for the 27th Annual Homecoming.  Please plan to share this evening with us.

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Great White Hunters

A very good friend of the Calvarymen, Barb Billington, wrote this poem:

Always Take The Wife With You Hunting!
Up in the Taj Mahal, Galen and Teresa Sat
When Suddenly they heard a deer’s hooves go pitter-pat.

Galen was quick, and shot the doe before she ran,

Now he’ll go home with meat for the frying pan!

It doesn’t matter whter you’re shooting a doe or a buck…

bringing the wife along brings good luck!

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The New CD is in!!!

That’s right!  We have the new CD “Until You Find the Lord” in and will have copies of it available at the Homecoming Saturday night.

Songs Include:

Until You Find the Lord
Telling The World
He Came To Me
Heavenly Parade
My Savior First Of All
All That Matters
When He Was On The Cross
In His Time
It’s Just Like Heaven
Dig A Little Deeper
Following In His Footsteps
I Don’t Regret

Don’t miss it Saturday Night!!!

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September 10th – 26th Annual Calvarymen Homecoming

It’s just around the corner!  Start planning now to attend our 26th Homecoming.  We’ll have our friends The Kelly’s and HisSong.  We look forward all year long for this event and hope that you’ll come and spend the evening with us.

Though we cannot predict what Scott may do, we’ll attempt to keep him under control this year….

Take a look at the website for HisSong, they are going to be our special featured guests this year.

We’ll see you on the 10th.


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Wind Shear vs. Wind Shield

We sang this morning at Crossroads FWBC in Wentzville, MO today up near St. Louie and enjoyed a great service with many friends there.  On the way up it was pretty windy but on the way home we just needed a sail.  With Captain Dixon at the wheel we were driving 65-70 mph directly into winds beating into the front of the bus that were easily 40+ mph.  That’s a lot of movement clashing.

Galen directing the hired help.

In addition, we were trying to leave some windows open to enjoy a nice spring day on the way home, 85 degrees or so.  So, the pressures inside the bus from three open windows started pushing things around.  Yup!  It’s true, the crazy windshield started to come out of its seal and the frame on the passenger side right in front of Scott.  It was not coming in at us but was being forced out from the inside pressures from the windows being open.  So, Gary and Scott held it in while Galen drove very slowly on the shoulder until the first truck stop we could pull into at Rolla.

Gary aka “Red Green” went to work on it with his multi-tool and got the seal to reform around the glass.  So, after everyone loaded back on we were off again.  Things were going well until we got almost to Lebanon went it did it again.  So as you will see in these pictures below we had to operate on it again.  (did you notice the dual purpose use we now have for our speakers?)

Mic Cord Seal

Mic Cord Installation

So, here we are on an off ramp at the Stoutland exit trying to figure out how to keep the glass in a little longer this time.  Gary and Doren come up with “it!”  We have an old microphone cord that just doesn’t work anymore so, it is recycled into a windshield seal.  The gasket that holds the windshield in really needs a silicone cord made specifically for this purpose but since we didn’t have one Doren and Gary start to install the mic cord.  As they could only tuck just an inch or two at a time we were beside the road this time about an hour.  Once this was successfully installed by our “Certifiable Professionals” we were back on the road with Scott carefully watching for movement of the glass.

Of course for Doren and I that meant only a few more miles to Lebanon were we had met the bus this morning.  Then we would be in his truck headed back to Marshfield while Galen, Teresa, Scott and Gary drove on back to Hartville.  They would have to truly “test test” the seal on the mic cord fix.  Success!!!

Those of you that know the group very well, know that there have been many challenges over the last 25 years that the Calvarymen have experienced.  Some of those things have been painful losses and some were harmless events like today.  Regardless, he is Lord and in control.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

The New Guy

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